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Welcome to the City Gardens at

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When God created the Earth and all the things that live there, “God saw that it was good.”  That is to say, He perceived it as fair and precious, beautiful, pleasant and agreeable.


It is not surprising that we Earth-people should also find the elements of His creation delightful and captivating.  I, Brother Al, have always had a desire to see and study the patterns of beauty that can be found in the details of what God made.  We may see a bush, adorned with hundreds of flowers, and say, “Beautiful!”  That is wonderful to see.  Still, I have wanted to peek into the individual flower, to study it, to admire the details of its form and features, the subtleties of its hues.  Often I wanted to see more closely than the naked eye could see.  I wanted to savor the beauty my God has wrought.  Each single flower is a miracle gift of beauty and His bounty is awesome.


So, I have made photographs.  One thing about photographs is that they don’t forget.   Another is that they can capture detail the eye might otherwise miss.  Now, by the magic of home computers and digital cameras, a tiny bloom no more than half an inch across can fill the face of a 15 inch monitor.  It is awesome to be able to do, but even more awesome to be able to see what God has done.


Here in the City Gardens of Blessed Man Village I have stored some of the pictures I have taken in recent years.  My wife Helen raised many of the flowers that are here.  Others are wild flowers that live here in North Florida.  There are even a few photos of scenes that are not flowers, but still may be picturesque and pleasing to the eye.


Take some time to wander through our garden.  If you come upon a few flowers that are special to you, feel free to pick (print) them for display in your home or office.


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